"I Don't Wanna Grow Up" is the debut extended play (EP) by American pop recording artist Bebe Rexha. It was released on May 12, 2015, through Warner Bros. Records.

Background Edit

Bebe was a part of music duo Black Cards with Pete Wentz, before she began recording her first solo single for her first EP, called "I Can't Stop Drinking About You". "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" was released on April 29, 2014. Since releasing her first solo single, Rexha also appeared on some tracks on Pitbull's album, Globalization (2014), while she was writing and performing as part of the chorus for "Hey Mama" by David Guetta.

Singles Edit

“I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” was released as the first single from the EP on April 29, 2014.

December 2014, the singer published a demo of a track, called "Cry Wolf". The track was first rumored to be her new single. However, On December 19, 2014, Bebe released the second and final single called “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” from the EP.

Critical reception Edit

Upon the release, I Don't Wanna Grow Up was reviewed by ArtistDirect, with Rick Florino describing the album as "unabashedly fun yet starkly emotional" with everything being a "delicate balance of hypnotic honesty and heartfelt hookiness, separating her from the pack". With respect to the song "Pray", her vocal range is portrayed as "downright impressive as she hits expansive runs and high notes, carrying these sorts of cleverly confessional lines". Robbie Daw of Idolator stated that the song "Pray" "displays perhaps a more emotional side of Bebe than we’ve heard in her past single releases".

Tracklisting Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" Bebe Rexha, Nolan Lambroza, Nasri Atweh Sir Nolan, The Messengers 4:08
2. "Sweet Beginnings" Rexha, Jason Evigan Evigan 3:50
3. "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" Rexha, Jon Levine, Lauren Christy Levine 3:27
4. "Pray" Rexha, Stefan Johnson, Jordan Johnson, Marcus Lomax, Alexander Izquierdo, Sam Watters The Monsters and the Strangerz 3:47
5. "I Can't Stop Drinking About You" Rexha, S. Johnson, J. Johnson, Lomax The Monsters and the Strangerz 3:36

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